Microservices: Retiring the Monolith

If you operate in a dynamic market segment, if you’re facing competition, if speed, agility and time-to-market are important to the success of your organization, or if you have big plans and scalability is a priority, then the microservices architecture is the right way to go. Consider that Amazon, Facebook and Google have run microservices […]

TikTok Challenge: 5 Reasons Oracle, Walmart Deal Warrants Your Attention

[Editor’s Note: Know This, Do This is a blog series from System Soft Technologies. What is this series for? It’s a cycle of articles that take you on a journey, exploring ways innovative technology can help leaders drive transformation and growth.] With more than 800 million users worldwide posting duets, hashtag challenges and memes, TikTok is one of the most used social media apps of […]

Microsoft Ignite 2020: 6 Things to Know Empowering Business Resilience

The world of work has changed fundamentally. As we work toward the “new normal” or the “next normal,” one thing is abundantly clear: We’re not going back to pre-pandemic normal anytime soon. Does this sound overly dramatic? Perhaps. But, as Satya Nadella said during his recent Microsoft Ignite keynote, Covid-19 seems to have driven a year’s worth of digital transformation each month of 2020. […]