Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for local, state and federal government agencies as they prioritize IT solutions acquisition.


For local, state and federal government agencies, the growth of data and the need for managed IT solutions has grown at a breakneck pace over the last ten years.

On top of that, government agencies face unique and critical challenges like globalization, budget cutbacks and increased needs. These challenges force those agencies to have to deliver more with less cost—they are forced to maximize the value from investments through technology-led innovations. The future of public sector organizations is dependent on how the power of technology is harnessed.

System Soft Technologies has been working successfully in this area for over a decade, forming partnerships to provide IT services to government agencies at all levels. Our domain knowledge, technology expertise, recruiting techniques, skilled labor, and robust management processes have all contributed to the success of numerous public sector projects with less investment. Our IT solutions and services are designed to draw on the benefits of new technologies to increase the quality of service to users, while maintaining control on public spending.

Our Approach

At System Soft Technologies, we believe strongly that citizens’ tax money should be spent wisely. In the effort to manage data and services which are critical to the functioning of the government at all levels, we have developed new innovative methods to achieve IT-related goals based around pre-developed components called Accelerators. SSTech has invested heavily in the design of these Accelerators, and has fine-tuned their use across many areas of solutions and applications development to reduce costs and increase return-on-investment.

Government Services

System Soft Technologies has a long history of creating IT solutions and services that impact how public sector organizations can manage their missions, data, time and costs. This is accomplished by modernizing or integrating legacy systems with new technologies for data delivery in both mobile and cloud-based secure environments.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services applies to critical missions and resources applicable to government agencies at all levels. Ultimately, these are typically aimed at achieving the following:

  • Value for citizens tax money
  • Maintain the public’s trust
  • Successfully achieve policy and mission outcomes
  • Meet quality expectations for citizen service

SSTech provides expertise across all of our service disciplines for government agency project. These are described in detail on this web site under SERVICES. The following is a synopsis of each of these as they apply to government work.

Application Development and Maintenance
System Soft Technologies offers a wide gamut of Application Development and Maintenance services critical to government agencies’ IT environments. Spanning custom applications, maintenance, support, re-engineering, and systems integration, SSTech has a sweeping foundation that is focused on accuracy, execution, fast delivery and relatively low cost.

Business Information Management
As the governmental environment becomes increasingly information-centric, the need has increased for established systems which gather and provide information, then distill and recognize patterns in that information, and then finally, apply those analyses to achieve business objectives. At System Soft Technologies, we believe that data is amongst the most important resources which drives efficiency and cost control.

Production Support
In order to maintain control over post-project maintenance and support expenses, a well-designed Production Support model provides a team with deep understanding of the application in question and the domains within the agency it serves. System Soft Technologies is expert in Production Support operations that result in reduced cost-of-ownership, increased productivity and growth, and increased service levels for users.

Mobility Solutions
Adoption of mobile solutions by government workers is exploding at an unprecedented rate, and agencies are grappling to adapt in this shifting environment to maintain their requirements for data, applications and security. System Soft Technologies utilizes leading edge technology in support of the global transition of digital data and government applications to multiple mobile devices, channels and platforms.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services
System Soft Technologies offers a broad range of industry-leading SQA testing services, backed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. Our approach in this area is focused on defect-free business applications and systems throughout your department or agency.

Program Governance and Management
SSTech’s experienced Program Governance and Management teams deliver structured risk management and dependency management to ensure the success of agency missions. Successful Program Governance Management ensures the integrity of projects by identifying dependencies between them and monitoring the alignment of the overall program with a department’s financial and data management goals.

Staff Augmentation
With fifteen years of successfully recruiting and assigning talented IT professionals to our customer agencies, System Soft Technologies has become a leader in IT staff augmentation. In doing so, we now offer an array of staffing and solutions services, each customized to perfectly fit your agency’s mission requirements, and managed under a highly collaborative business model.

Our Goals

Through innovative solutions design, System Soft Technologies provides IT solutions which can transform complex requirements into business process driven systems. Our goal is to encourage uptake of digital channels via simplification of the end-user’s ‘journey’ and making it easier to use online services.

Focus on citizen outcomes
SSTech understands the importance of delivering a service which meets service level expectations without compromising the user experience. Our team works with government departments to streamline and meet operational targets while keeping focus on delivering outcomes which benefit the public.

Tailored solutions and commercial modelling
We tailor our solutions and staffing services to drive efficiency and reduce operational spend, and the resulting turn-key solutions are underpinned by shared risk-reward models. Every solution is unique and adapted to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding government legislation, often through self-funding services.

State Government Projects
System Soft Technologies has completed hundreds of governmental IT projects, spanning local, state and federal agencies. Currently, we are actively involved in providing services and solutions to the following states:

  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Washington
  • Arizona (City of Phoenix)
  • Ohio
  • Delaware

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