Mobile Testing

System Soft Technologies understands QA and testing for mobile systems.


In the face of a general lack of confidence in internal mobile application testing efforts, System Soft Technologies keeps sharp focus on efficient software testing when providing any type of mobility solution or mobile application. Our mobile testing best practices are one of the pathways we employ in building an efficient and stable mobile platform for our clients. Since mobile testing shares many drivers with web testing, our technologists have leveraged that fact in the development of our mobile testing techniques. Our comprehensive mobile testing strategies are aimed at solving the variety of problem areas experienced by many enterprises, including multiple platforms, short release cycles, oversupply of network connectivity options, and cost overruns.


Mobile application testing can be both time-consuming and expensive, yet it is critical to your end user’s experience, whether they be employees or customers. Our mobile testing methodologies encompass a broad range of concerns and functions, including security, operating systems, application distribution, system integration, network capabilities and much more. System Soft Technologies has built a comprehensive knowledge base, combined with specially trained programmers, to handle the ever-challenging area of mobile solutions testing and quality assurance.

  • Assures end users do not become testers of the system themselves
  • Employees will be less resistant to adoption of mobility strategy
  • End-users will become ongoing clients
  • SSTech pays close attention to possible issues clients may have with platform fragmentation, user experience/UI, performance, security, system integration, and application distribution


SSTech engineers take a “universal” holistic approach to mobile testing that reduces fragmentation -- our tightly knit teams work together to assure the highest level of quality to the finished delivery. At System Soft Technologies, we understand fully that mobility challenges are one of the most fluid and dynamic in the industry. We organize and manage our teams accordingly to meet the shifting requirements that arise out of various channels, platforms, operating systems, etc.

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