Automation Testing

System Soft Technologies has developed a wide range of tools for automated testing.


SSTech has built up extensive expertise in automated software and systems testing programs. Our goals in working with our clients include application performance predictability, faster quality improvement timeframes, improved time-to-market and time-to-value periods, lower costs, and risk minimization.


SSTech’s established processes and procedures in automated testing include code-driven, GUI-driven, and API driven testing programs. We have optimized the integration between our automated programs and the development and manual testing processes for maximum flexibility during the testing cycle. Our approach includes the elimination of costly manual testing on all possible fronts: growing the coverage areas, making multi-lingual application testing easier, increasing the speed of the execution of the tests themselves, and minimization of the errors that are inherent in manual testing.

Benefits of automated testing are numerous, including:

  • Wider coverage of application features
  • More reliable results
  • More consistency of outcomes
  • Time and cost saving
  • Ability to re-use test scripts on other projects
  • Allows testing to occur more frequently and thoroughly
  • Shrinks time to market for new applications

Our clients see the results of testing automation through all of the systems integration, production support, and execution stages of every project, at relatively low cost and increased ROI.


System Soft Technologies' engineers are well versed at applying our tried and true automation processes to a wide variety of situations and solutions specifications. Our strengths include: scope definition as a function of data size, common functionalities, and complexity; test tool selection; planning, design and development of the automation strategy itself (including test case selection); test execution; and maintenance.

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