Application Testing

Since 1999, System Soft Technologies has had experience in Quality Assurance and Testing.


At the forefront of application development projects staffed by System Soft Technologies is the ongoing manual software testing as part of the overall Quality Assurance programs. These span the entire application development process, and they, in turn, include a wide range of processes, e.g., software design, coding, source control, code reviews, configuration management and release management. In doing so, our engineers focus on flexibility…adjusting quickly and accurately to any and all requirements, scope or timeline changes, and design alternative solutions wherever necessary.

System Soft Technologies has, over the years, built an extensive knowledge base in the area of Systems and Application Testing. This, plus our continual training and adoption of new technologies, one of which is HP’s Unified Functional Testing (UFT) system, allows our teams to excel at cost-efficiency and accuracy in our testing processes. In addition, our QA staff members concentrate on several other best practices, including the use of documented, bug-free methodologies, the design and development of formal test plans, troubleshooting the testing process with root cause analysis, and adherence to the highest quality standards and continual improvement techniques.


There are numerous benefits of SSTech’s approach to Application Testing. These include:

  • Reduced Cost of testing – SSTech develops a complete testing infrastructure designed around a testing architecture. The architectural concept assures repeatable processes, thereby reducing the need for script development and for enhanced defect identification.
  • Increased Quality levels of testing – With the serious need for Quality Assurance spanning across industries and organizations, SSTech employs effective test management to assure compliance and governance.
  • Enhanced coverage of functionality – SSTech implements a defined and structured process methodology to gain integrated IT quality management thereby helping to standardize engineered testing for performance that is optimized for a) quality coverage, and b) for delivering applications very quickly and confidently.
  • Prevention of defect leakage – SSTech’ s defect tracking systems are engineered for full integration with the test cases and test requirement allowing for complete traceability. Clients discover software defects early when the cost of fixes are still relatively small. This cost effective approach of defect tracking will benefit both QA and dev teams.
  • Efficient test data management – SSTech’s test cases are developed to evoke the application, populate the database and to refresh to a pretest condition. Employing Data Warehousing concepts, test data can be restored to its known state more quickly and efficiently.


Our testing technologists focus on discovery of problem areas with an eye to fulfill each and every one of the client’s data and application needs. Many factors stand behind our approach to this under the category of application testing, including large-scale QA documentation best practices, and utilization of definitive change management procedures.

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