Security Analytics

Uncovering Risks and Noncompliance

Understanding your infrastructure is fundamental to keeping your cybersecurity status green. Especially with dynamic threats and huge data volumes. System Soft Technologies provides the advanced analytics needed to find the zero day, behavior anomalies, and advanced persistent threats.

Our comprehensive cognitive security analytics solution, Elysium Analytics, helps you identify, evaluate, and address modern cyberthreats to reduce risk and prevent interruptions of operations.

For users of the Cloudera Metron Open Source cybersecurity framework, System Soft professional services can implement Elyisum Analytics’ pre-built applications, such as insider threat detection or threat hunting, to reduce both cost and implementation time.

Primary Benefits

Richer analytics from one platform integrating with all your data sources

Huge reduction in false positives, increase in data ingest

Lower risk and rapid detection through real-time analytics

Ongoing threat model evolution from machine learning

Leverage existing investments through augmentation

Key Capabilities

Shared data lake supporting massive data volumes

Real-time detection and analysis

UEBA, user scoring, rich contextual insights

Simple, broad integration with existing systems and platforms

Integration with Cloudera Metron, Zoomdata, PSSC Labs

Use Cases

Threat hunting

Insider threat detection

Network traffic monitoring

Compromised users/devices

Our industry-leading methods and technologies avoid the limitations of legacy approaches for optimal results and costs. We incorporate all of the latest best practices and security requirements to help make sure you’re fully covered.

For a complete security platform, please visit the website for our cognitive security analytics solution Elysium Analytics.

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