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Mobile apps have become the de facto standard by which people consume digital content.

  • Mobile apps account for more than 50 percent of digital media consumption
  • Smart phone users spend 90% of their screen time on mobile apps
  • Typical users have about 30 mobile apps installed and spends > 35 hours/month on them
  • Mobile apps account for >42% of mobile purchases

In addition to their popularity, there are tremendous advantages to having your customers use your app instead of a browser to interact with you.

Uniform, high-performance interface tuned to a given OS
Increased brand satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue
Rich set of capabilities not limited by browser constraints
Capture of targeted demographic customer data
Consistent look/feel

But building and testing a mobile app can be a tremendous effort. OS varieties and versions, changing standards and customer expectations, and integration with internal marketing and sales systems make it a daunting prospect, even if you have a strong development team.

We make it easy. Our team of experts has developed a portfolio of best practices from their broad experience across a wide array of mobile projects and technologies.






We help ensure the best customer experience, the most robust design, tight integration with existing systems, and a high degree of differentiation.

We can even continue to maintain it for you after it’s deployed.

System Soft Technologies can help you generate enhanced brand loyalty, a rich customer experience, and reduced support workload, freeing up your dev team to focus on driving revenue.

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