Technology Upgrades

Updated Software at Lower Cost

With organizational IT needs evolving at a tremendous rate, keeping apps and infrastructure up to date is prohibitively expensive in both time and cost. Rip and replace to get needed functionality has to be balanced against trying to put up with existing software to attempt to work with changing needs. Neither are usually the best choice.

System Soft Technologies can help you update and extend your existing software, even legacy applications, with the latest capabilities at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We help you extend your sunk investment and reduce capital costs. You get the upgrades you need within your budget.

Update Software

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Avoid Replacement Cost

Example Upgrades

Database upgrades: SQL to Oracle

Modernize legacy apps: Non-responsive to responsive design conversion

Application migration: Move from CRM to native technology

Upgrade security: Help ensure protection against modern threats

Adding ML/AI to existing apps: Create powerful new capabilities

Data lakes, open source adoption, etc

Key Capabilities

Global development: Reduce cost and accelerate development with 24/7 engineering

Skills: .NET, Java, API integration, Mulesoft, Big Data, cloud, digital transformation, program mgmt., technology partnerships

Case Study

Caseglide was using a vendor’s CRM but needed more functionality. We moved them to a native solution to save money, get additional features, and increase agility/flexibility.

Improve application functionality rapidly. Minimize disruption. Control cost. Find the right experts. System Soft Technologies makes it much easier to keep your apps up to date and get the most out of your organization while focusing on your core competencies.

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