Product Development

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Application development requires time, money, expertise, and orchestration, all of which compete for resources with other IT initiatives. 

As part of our portfolio of offerings, System Soft Technologies provides a variety of application development services to accelerate time to completion, reduce cost, and achieve high quality standards.

Example Products


End-to-end development of leading cybersecurity analytics platform


End-to-end development of advanced financial trading predictive analytics platform


Claims case management


Patient care plan checklist


Process serving assignment

Pre-built Modules

Based on our extensive experience building products for customers, we have created a library of common design modules that enables us to deliver software significantly faster and at lower cost than most of our clients can achieve on their own.

Development Services Portfolio

Initial planning

Define product concept, requirements, minimum viable product

Product introduction

From beta to GA

UX design

Architecture, navigation, layout

Release Management, Orchestration


User guides, specs, implementation guides

Security Data Lake

Security Features

Update posture, analytics, visualization, reporting


Application lifecycle management

For information on customizing off-the-shelf software, see our COTS-MOTS page.

For details on custom application development, see our Custom Applications page.

“We really benefited from SystemSoft’s expertise and code library in application development. It saved us a lot of time and money.” Established Mid-Sized Technology Company

Let us help you accelerate your product development, achieve faster ROI, reduce risk, and boost market success.

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