Custom Applications

Sometimes, organizations can’t meet certain needs with standard software. They need custom applications with unique capabilities. But custom software requires time, money, and expertise, which can all be very scarce.

We develop fully custom applications built closely around your requirements. We leverage our design accelerator, a library of coded modules of common functions developed from our extensive engineering projects, to shorten time to completion, reduce cost, and improve quality.

Development Services Portfolio

Initial planning

Define specifications, requirements


Integration with security posture and compliance requirements

UX design

Architecture, navigation, layout

Release management, orchestration

Timeline, notes

Deployment and integration

Seamless and fast


Application lifecycle management

Whether you need a narrow-focus application or one that is more mission critical, we can meet or exceed requirements, at a lower price point, and with exceptional quality without you having to allocate significant internal resources.


Digitization and Content Management

Origination Systems

Business Process Workflow Management

Example Client Types

Federal, State, and Local Governments





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