Digital Transformation

Meeting Modern Needs for User Interaction

Traditional interaction with customers was typically face-to-face, by telephone, or by mail. Applications and software systems were for internal, operational purposes.

Over the past 20 years, technological advances have given customers new options for interacting with service vendors. Smart phones, web access, text, video chat…all of these have had profound impacts on how vendors provide services to their customers.

This digital transformation has created new challenges to traditional service delivery models. From banking to real estate to healthcare, organizations have had to revamp internal systems and enable interfacing of most or all of their operations to deliver these new interaction channels to customers.

System Soft Technologies offers a portfolio of services to help clients deliver whatever engagement channels are preferred by their customers. Our diverse team of experts support both customer-facing deliverables and back-end operations.

UX development
application development

User Experience

Application development


Website, mobile, e-commerce, CMS, graphics/branding

Custom apps, product development, API, integration, upgrades

Application deployment, migration, DevOps integration

Join our client family by partnering today with System Soft Technologies to modernize your service delivery channels, following best practices with minimal disruption and expertise requirements for you.