Data Platform Strategy

Optimizing Your Data Infrastructure

Do you find designing and optimizing your data infrastructure phenomenally complex? We hear that all the time.

An IT data infrastructure strategy and architecture involve more than just software. They span data, technology, methods of building and maintenance, and organization of people. 

Following design best practices is fundamental to a successful data platform. But this can be incredibly difficult to get right, given all the dimensions and moving parts of the challenge.

That’s when clients turn to our Data & Analytics practice. Our data platform experts design your architecture, integrate all components, and deploy the integrated solution on premises and/or in the cloud.

Importance of Data

Data has become the lifeblood of most organizations. You live and die by it. But it’s incredibly hard to get the most of your data, due to inefficiencies in how it’s managed. That means data-driven decisions suffer.

Our teams of experts help you evaluate your data policies and infrastructure to help you better understand your opportunities.

Strategy and Development Services We Offer Include:

Data Platform Strategy

Solution Architecture

Platform Architecture

Cloud Native/Hybrid

Master Data Management

Modernizing Data Warehouses

Data Governance

Master Data Management

Our holistic understanding of a range of IT systems enables us to help clients link all their critical data to a common point of reference. We help boost data quality and collaboration across a range of platforms and departments, giving you:

  • Truly accurate picture of all organizational data
  • Implementation and change management
  • Analytics and best practices to fully monetize data assets

All of These Solutions Are Tuned to Your Individual Needs and Follow Best Practices:

  1. Lead you through discovery process: Brainstorming and documentation
  2. Analyze your solution options for fit: Build/buy, integration
  3. Analyze each for cost and ROI: Budgets and project plans
  4. Deliver results: Report with targeted recommendations

Example Services We Offer Include:

  • Data warehouse: Modernize for real-time decisions and data capture using Big Data technology stack
  • Data lake: Build in weeks to explore unknown data and unknown questions (discovery and data science)
  • Data hub: Enable data abstraction layer to serve data to all upstream consumers with full democratization and governance
  • Cloud-native data platforms: Build/deploy custom, cloud or hybrid, for Big Data analytics at scale.

Stop missing out on the full advantage you can get from your data. We can help you optimize your data infrastructure and deliver maximum value to your organization.

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