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Truly Understand Your Data Pipeline

How do you manage your data flows?

In most organizations, they’re managed in piecemeal with an inaccurate and incomplete understanding of what is really going on.  This creates inefficiencies, poor decisions, business risk, and wasted budgets.

For over 20 years, System Soft Technologies has been helping clients develop a complete picture and full insights into their data pipelines and flows.  The result?

  • Cost savings
  • Full data monetization
  • Lower risk
  • Stronger competitiveness

Data Pipeline Operationalization

We look at the complete needs of an organization holistically and build out an aligned architecture. Fundamental to this are three key aspects that we help you get right.

Data Pipeline

We design, evaluate, and optimize all elements of an effective data pipeline

  • Data sources
  • Business needs
  • Users
  • Collection rate
  • Demand peaks

From these elements, we create the best custom pipeline that is fully extensible, scalable, and democratized with complete governance.

Process Orchestration

Just creating an optimized pipeline is only the first step.  We can help you effectively orchestrate and manage data within the pipeline through its lifecycle of cleansing, wrangling, enrichment, security policies, and cataloging with proper metadata for data management. 

To make sure users have consistent and secure access to data, we can create a data hub and API management layer.

Last Mile Analytics

Without constructive action, even the greatest analytics don’t provide their highest potential business value. To have real impact, these analytics must trigger behavioral changes.

But these changes are often hindered by users’ ability to gain actionable insights and then apply them to real operational “changes.”

System Soft Technologies delivers natural language reports built on contextual analytics that helps develop a clear course of action for users, leveraging both commercial and open source technologies.

Having lots of data can be a bane or a blessing. SSTech helps you manage and interpret your data efficiently and generate actionable insights to improve your organization’s agility, profitability, and market success.

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