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Rapidly Operationalize Machine Learning and AI

AI/ML is a hot technology but like the cloud a few years back, many organizations aren’t clear how to leverage it. Uncertainty is high and AI/ML requires a heterogeneous toolkit that changes often. So the uncertainty/benefits dilemma usually means no action is taken.

To solve this, our clients have turned to System Soft Technologies ML Ops practice to augment their existing applications with AI/ML seamlessly. We handle the end-to-end workflow so their data scientists can focus on creating the best data models.

Key Capabilities

Clouds Supported




Use Cases

1. Measuring Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Solution Delivery

Business relevant features created from multiple data sources

Tree-based models (Random Forest, Gradient Boosting) were built to predict sales

Models deployed On-prem. Models were updated everyday based on campaign data (spend, sales, etc.)


The insights dashboard helped the Digital team optimize the marketing campaign and improved the effectiveness by 12%, resulting in additional sales of $3M for the campaign.

2. Improve Website Engagement


Average time spent per session increased by 220%. Sales revenue grew 4X.

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