Quality Services

Ensuring Release of the Best Applications

Getting new apps released fast can drive significant business growth. But sacrificing quality and security for speed is tremendously risky. Unfortunately, quality assurance usually acts as a drag on development speed.

To streamline this process, System Soft Technologies provides clients with several options for quality assurance:

  • Full-cycle software testing services, both functional and non-functional, to avoid the hassle and cost of set up and management
  • Dedicated QA specialists for client-managed projects

Our QA practice spans a variety of testing scenarios:

1. Manual
2. Automation
3. API

4. Mobile
5. QA Outsourcing

6. Performance
7. Security

Security Testing Focus Areas

We cover four focus areas in security testing (especially for websites and applications):

  • Application vulnerability and penetration testing: This involves looking for vulnerabilities in the application stack.
  • System software security: This involves assessing weaknesses across the software (operating system, database system, and other software) the application needs.
  • Client-side application security: This deals with ensuring that the client (browser or any such tool) cannot be manipulated.
  • Server-side application security: This involves making sure that the server code and its technologies are robust enough to fend off any intrusion.

See what we can do to help boost your application quality and security, driving higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and stronger market presence.

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