Data Warehousing

  As today’s enterprise data access requirements grow more demanding, System Soft Technologies’ builds custom systems focused on quicker user insight and reliability. Further, as far as structured data is concerned, System Soft Technologies’ data experts are well versed in providing clients with Data Warehousing designs, determining the infrastructure needs and providing multiple options towards scalability and flexibility. Our experience with multiple databases and database technologies on different platforms provides us with a unique understanding of challenges in Data Warehousing designs. Our business process focus allows us to incorporate the appropriate data dimensions with performance, scalability and flexibility in mind.

Solutions for On-Site, Cloud, and Virtual Data Warehousing

Our knowledge of unstructured data, aka "Big data", allows us to also provide cost efficient initiatives encompassing the big data setup that any organization needs. Benefits include:

  • Better congregation of data from multiple sources
  • Mitigation of problems inherent in analysis or long running queries
  • Data history and quality improved and maintained
  • Increased operating efficiency and value

Data Warehouse or Data Lake?

Your enterprise data warehouse is here to stay, a Data Lake is not a replacement for your Data Warehouse. Data Lakes and Data Warehouses work together, providing the best storage format as appropriate for various types of data. With both in place new analytics can be created that leverage both solutions in a synergistic way.


  • Make Better Business Decisions
  • Dramatically Lower Implementation Costs
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Thwart Insider Threats Before They Hit
  • Make Compliance Easy
  • Improve Profit Margins

Harness the power of big data and open source technologies with measurable results for your business. System Soft Technologies’ Big Data team has the consulting expertise you need to leverage big data in an affordable way. To get started, contact one of our senior business consultants today to help in assessing the type of big data project that is right for your business.

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