Data Migration

 At System Soft Technologies, we understand that there are multiple reasons for an organization to look for a large-scale Data Migration solution, including: mergers and acquisitions, implementation of new software, migration to a cloud based environment, and other data science requirements.

Bringing advanced Analytics to decision-making

System Soft Technologies recognizes the potential for frustration and risk that is inherent in Data Migration - especially with the progression to cloud and mobile platforms. Regardless, we focus on ensuring that all systems, services, and applications have uninterrupted access to all important information. For this situation, System Soft Technologies has an established set of methodologies, processes, and tools.

Quality Conscious and Cost Effective Data Migration Solutions

With the combination of a wide variety of ETL tools, Data Migration process frameworks, and performance-tuning experience with our own Data Migration accelerators, our experts can help any Data Migration problem to be addressed in the most quality conscious and cost effective manner. We approach every Data Migration project in a step-by-step manner:

  • Planning/strategy phase
  • Understanding the data
  • Designing and building the solution
  • Execution of the solution
  • Testing
  • Follow-up and Maintenance

Whether you need a solution quickly or within a certain budget, our Data Migration team can deliver an effective, efficient solution utilizing System Soft Technologies advanced solution accelerators.

Every project has challenges. Every Challenge has a solution. With many years’ worth of combined experience, our data science and analytics team is capable of solving the most complex problems with the simplest of answers. Some of the common problem we encounter are:

Poor Data Quality – It’s best to find these flaws early in the process, not after extraction or migration.

Missing Data – null or blank fields where mandatory data is expected.

Mismatched Data - incorrectly merged data fields and duplication are typical migration problems.

Missing Data Requirements – An inability to capture fields of data and values correctly resulting in data transformation problems.

How can Data Science Help You

System Soft Technologies’ developers maintain high-level expertise across all phases of data migration (e.g., extraction, cleansing, verification, etc.), and apply that continuum of knowledge throughout the project, as well as examine (and repair, if necessary) the quality of the data once it has been transferred to the new database. This results in more operating efficiency as soon as the migration is complete. Our experts can build an integrated view of scattered data that yield reduction in Total Cost of Ownership. This results in the client enjoying:

  • High-level operational standards in keeping with an optimal migration path
  • Increased corporate performance, great ROI and increased competitive
  • Reduced uncertainty and risk
  • Decreased unexpected costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Additional value for shareholders and stakeholders

Critical Thinking. Collaboration. Success.

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