Custom App Design and Development

Our expertise in Enterprise architecture principles of application design can help our clients to capture functional and non-functional requirements and the decomposition of the same towards architecturally significant design patterns and solutions.


System Soft Technologies Custom Application Development services enable clients to meet emerging technology challenges by covering the entire spectrum of the application development life cycle from defining requirements, documenting specifications, IT solutions, developing, QA testing, to the integration of software applications across many operating system platforms and software platforms such as Java - JDK and JRE, .NET Framework, etc., (Assessment, Planning, Strategy Definition, Program Execution, Quality Assurance, Implementation and Support). System Soft Technologies in-house development platforms focus on architectural requirements for user-friendly functionality at a reduced cost.

A center of excellence level of quality

System Soft Technologies delivers high-quality applications which are robust, scalable, reliable, and secure, while at the same time, are easy to use, deploy, maintain and are modular, allowing for additional enhancements. System Soft Technologies is well respected for its commitment to outstanding customer service and its personal dedication in assisting its customers in the accomplishment and achievement of their goals. System Soft Technologies provides various end-to-end services which allows clients to choose from listed offerings.

A team of polyglot programmers?

System Soft Technologies has a rich history with multiple enterprise application environments such as ERP, Red Hat Enterprise, Java Enterprise Application, JBoss Enterprise Application, etc., and brings expertise to various integration models that include cloud, on premise and hybrid models.

System Soft Technologies' infrastructure works in concert with various application environments like desktop, cloud and mobile and allows us to bring ‘end-to-end’ services based on client requirements.

This is accomplished through the utilization of our efficient, in-house built accelerators, experience with industry standard products, tools and procedures. Moreover, our expertise with distinctive application development models such as Waterfall, V-Model, Agile, Scrum, Domain-driven design RAD, factory and hybrid implies that it is highly productive and focused on client-desired results, thereby leading to greater value for all investments made.

  • Helps in build-vs-buy decision-making
  • Allows differentiation of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Clients are assured cost-effective, speedy and sustainable solutions.

Our Application, Infrastructure Support and Maintenance solutions help streamline clients’ technology management processes to achieve optimal efficiency and control. System Soft Technologies added value is our ability to combine all of our knowledge and experience from multiple disciplines in designing those solutions, including:

  • legacy application maintenance
  • database support
  • application/database migrations
  • re-engineering
  • system integrations
  • quality assurance & testing
  • content management
  • plus 24/7 production support

System Soft Technologies focus on building reusable components can also help our clients reduce development cost and reduce the testing effort. This leads to the reduction of system downtime, improved performance, enhanced productivity, and increased flexibility for our client companies. Our customers enjoy the benefits of maximizing their ROI by reducing TCO.

Critical Thinking. Collaboration. Success.

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