Application Re-Engineering

System Soft Technologies brings proven tools and experience to re-engineering projects which save time and dollars.


System Soft Technologies’ experienced Application and Solution Architects, Subject Matter Experts and highly skilled Business Analysts help our clients in the Application Re-engineering category. We offer our customers our rich long-term experience in application re-engineering, modernization and migration, having implemented a number of successful development projects in these areas. Our developers easily eliminate such software shortcomings as system overload and platform support problems which occur when an outdated platform is not supported and requires updating.


Our experts can decompose the existing applications into architecturally significant design patterns and help in Leverage Vs Build Vs Buy decisions. Use of automation across various stages of re-engineering such as data collection, reverse engineering, forward engineering, etc. Proven tools for reverse engineering, database migration and data migration.

Our functional understanding and experience with re-usable components/toolsets means the chance of missing any critical functionality from being tested is greatly reduced.

  • Time and costs saving
  • Reduced risks of legacy applications re-engineering
  • Increased security of re-engineered software applications
  • Diminished maintenance process of existing systems
  • Compliance with modern technologies
  • Higher performance and usability of modernized applications
  • Increased stability of re-engineered applications


SSTech’s team members bring deep experience with legacy software applications, enhancing their ability to re-engineer those applications for the client with optimized architectures. This at once both retains and enhances the value of those legacy systems. All of this, plus expertise in use of various re-engineering stages such as reverse and forward engineering, data collection and manipulation methods, and skills in modern technology eco-systems, are all advantages of selecting SSTech.

Critical Thinking. Collaboration. Success.

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