The Delphian platform aids in the conversion of simple investors into the realm of superior traders by offering the user unique support for the design and back-testing of comprehensive options, including trading plans and strategies.


In today’s world, retail investors are not equipped with the same level of tools that institutional investors have, which places retail investors at a disadvantage. The U.S. Government also allows self-directed trading into 401K accounts, giving participants more choices and better control of their investments. To make the most of these investments, however, it’s essential that individuals have access to the appropriate financial data before stock or options trading decisions are made.

With this in mind, System Soft Technologies has developed a master platform that integrates these market factors with investment strategies as they pertain to the derivatives market, which is inherently more complex than stocks.
The Delphian system is a platform that analyzes the historical trends of the derivatives market and evaluates the trading risks for a specific Option symbol.


Delphian provides a variety of functions that assist traders at different expertise levels. The system also utilizes multiple strategies, and derives data about the performance of the selected symbol for a given strategy. This helps traders better analyze the symbol’s performance based on market history and to develop the best strategy.

Delphian overcomes documentation limitations through its fast and powerful analytical engine, and produces numerous reports and data within minutes to test a strategy, and correlate past strategies with the live market.

More Features

Delphian offers an easy-to-use interface, context-based help, accurately completed information, drag-and-drop capability, and intelligent integration technology for a reliable user experience. Automation offers powerful Windows, Web, and legacy integration adapters that enable integration with any Windows, Internet or legacy application quickly.

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