Elysium Analytics

Cognitive Cybersecurity Analytics to Counter Modern Threats

With traditional cybersecurity approaches unable to match the rapid development of sophisticated modern threats, your risk exposure may be much greater than you think.

For two decades, we have been helping a broad set of clients assess and address their cybersecurity threat exposure, allowing them to protect corporate assets more effectively. 

That experience led us to develop our Elysium Analytics suite of cognitive cybersecurity analytics, providing a drop-in, easily-integrated platform that identifies modern threats in real-time using machine learning.

Key Features


Real-time analytics, profiling, and fingerprinting

open source tech

Built on Open Source technology


Open Data Model

Security Data Lake

Security Data Lake


Integration with Cloudera and existing cybersecurity platforms

Elysium Analytics integrates with Cloudera Metron and Zoomdata data visualization as a complete platform or as an augmentation to your existing infrastructure (e.g., Splunk), modernizing its capabilities.

For more details on this solution, visit the Elysium Analytics website.

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