Already on the road to the cloud? Or just setting out on your journey?

Either way, rapidly arriving at your destination starts here, with our Cloud Governance QuickStrike

However, it is not whether moving to the cloud is right for your business.

Instead, it is how fast you get there and the best way to keep you on track. The perfect fit means cost/labor savings, scalability, and flexibility for your business. 

So, you can make the right cloud choices for your business, we help you answer these pressing questions: 

  • What assets/systems are currently deployed to the cloud, and which ones will be deployed later? 
  • What security policies are affecting cloud governance? 
  • How will employee access to cloud assets be checked and controlled? 
  • What compliance audits must be planned for? 
  • Who will create/support the cloud architecture, and how will this information be made available to users? 
  • How regularly must teams meet to keep cloud governance agile and responsive? 

To get the right answers to these questions and others, request our Cloud Governance QuickStrike

  • We assess and document your current environment. 
  • From there, we set up a baseline, which identifies how your current configuration stacks up against best practices. 
  • We then collaborate with your business and IT leaders to define the desired future state and jointly develop a plan, which allows you to remediate gaps and mitigate risk. 

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