Don’t Break the Bank: 10 Easy Steps to Overcome Automation Barriers for SMBs

In a recent survey conducted by IDC, 45% of CIOs and senior IT executives stated that one of their top three objectives is to “create competitive advantage for the business.” Nowadays, IT leaders are asked to deliver more and more. More reliability. Faster responsiveness. Greater flexibility. They are expected to leverage digital transformation to create disruption. […]

Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience in 90 Days

We were thinking the other day: What creative and productive accomplishments can you do in less than 90 days? Some of the responses were: Plant a garden, weed it and harvest certain vegetables. (Facts.) Write a novel. (Likely for just the most prose worthy among us.) Or even build a four-bedroom home from scratch. (Hammer […]

Distilling Intelligent Automation

The pandemic is compelling organizations to aggressively explore technology-driven automation, as they look to offset operational and financial challenges. For many, bots have been used to automate high-volume, repetitive and simple processes. But the scope and complexity of what can be tackled remains limited. Automating the type of processes that have historically been the province of knowledge workers has remained […]

Microservices: Retiring the Monolith

If you operate in a dynamic market segment, if you’re facing competition, if speed, agility and time-to-market are important to the success of your organization, or if you have big plans and scalability is a priority, then the microservices architecture is the right way to go. Consider that Amazon, Facebook and Google have run microservices […]

Digital Workplaces: Drive Employee Productivity

COVID-19 has presented an existential threat to many businesses, with the unrelenting requirement that many employees be confined to home-bound work settings. Working from home is no longer the anomaly. But it’s the “new normal,” which requires a work setting that’s equal to or better than in-office environments. At-home employees are working harder than ever. […]

Microsoft Teams Helps Manage Business Projects and Crises

Good news. Microsoft Teams continues to expand its footprint of value. The business communications platform, and part of the Microsoft 365 family, is more relevant than ever. The use of Teams is increasing. Particularly since organizations have been confronted by the most recent health challenge. This has forced them to build up armies of remote […]

Why Business Leaders Embrace Low-Code or No-Code

At this point, there’s no going back to a pre-pandemic normal. With this realization, business leaders feel under pressure to modernize their digital experiences for a distributed workforce and loyal customers. Accelerating software development to provide these experiences is crucial. But business leaders are up against lagging timelines that endanger sustainability, thanks to resource gaps […]

Future of Digital Customer Experience

The norm nowadays is consumers expect exceptional experiences. That outlook comes on the heels of business pacesetters like Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Zoom, along with other category leaders, building strong business models around customer experience best practices. The outcomes of this digital effort are personalized interfaces across channels and devices—all bestowed with ease and speed. […]

Low-Code Development Platforms for the Business Win

[Editor’s Note: Know This, Do This is a blog series from System Soft Technologies. What is this series for? It’s a cycle of articles that take you on a journey, exploring ways innovative technology can help leaders drive transformation and growth.] Know This: Low-code development platforms (LCDP) have been around since 2011. But, they are […]