Six Hiring Challenges in a Candidate-driven Market

Hiring the right candidate is more challenging than people realize – especially when it comes to hiring for IT and digital roles. Heavy workloads pressure hiring managers to ensure they make the right choice the first time. In a historic 50-year-low unemployment environment, the majority of hiring managers are ill-equipped to source candidates:  identify and entice […]

The Changing Nature of Data Operations

As we re-launch System Soft and build on our success in a variety of markets, I wanted to share our perspective on one in particular:  Data engineering and analytics.  This is the first in a series of articles to explore how to structure and manage data pipelines as data types and sources continuously morph and […]

How does Superior User Experience Drive Your Business?

Do you want to create more customers while building a successful brand? At SSTech, we believe that great businesses are built on well-crafted user experiences. The Importance of Superior User Experience for Business In the age of digital transformation, we believe engaging user experience (UX) is how any business stays competitive. It’s a practice that […]