10 Key Skills for Collaborative Leadership in a Virtual World

The global workplace is becoming more and more reliant on virtual teams. An IWG survey reports that 62% of businesses around the world have more flexible workplaces. Increasing amounts of teams are seeing the benefits of remote work and are leaving the office, and are communicating through video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and other collaboration software. […]

6 Ways to Transform Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Let’s set the record straight, so there’s no confusion moving forward. Simply put, workplace diversity is understanding, accepting and valuing differences between people. That encompasses those of various races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations. It also includes distinctions in education, personalities, skill sets, experiences and knowledge base. And, that’s all a good […]

Best Practices for Managing Remote Employees

In today’s age of the “new normal”, many companies are beginning to implement indefinite and even permanent work from home policies. Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter took the lead and announced that employees can continue working from home “forever” mainly due to proven benefits of remote work, including improved employee retention, increased productivity, and […]

Why Core Values Matter at System Soft Technologies

It’s no surprise that culture plays a critical role in today’s organizations, and you may be wondering why it’s so important. Culture is much more than just holiday events, benefits packages, and free snacks in the breakroom. It is the glue that holds a business together as it impacts the way an organization is perceived […]

How to Motivate and Engage Remote Employees

“We’re all in this together” – As our nation, and global friends & families, seek triumph over COVID-19, how many times have you heard this encouraging statement?  Ironically, “together”, in this case, often requires “being apart”.  For businesses, this means having to figure out how to most effectively maintain employee engagement, motivation, and company culture during […]

Why is onboarding important?

Do you remember when you first started at your job? With so many new people to meet and responsibilities to fulfill, were you nervous? The majority of new employees feel the same way when first starting a job. This is why onboarding was created, and why onboarding into a company is a fundamental part of […]

Effective Leadership Traits for Talent Retention

As the saying goes – people don’t leave their jobs, they leave managers. And for those employees who actually quit their jobs, who’s responsible for what that job is like? Managers.  How do you combat this? Don’t just hire managers. Hire leaders. Employee retention and effective leadership practices go hand-in-hand. Companies must make more of […]