COVID-19: Update from System Soft Technologies

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone. In these days of anxiety and concern, we know our existing and new clients are unsure as to how their business will be affected. I just wanted to let all of you know that System Soft Technologies has a robust business continuity plan and we are executing on […]

Are RPA bots replacing people?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is no. Confused? Let’s try and clarify this.  Being a bit of a veteran in the automation industry, in my experience, automation, in general, is as good as the people that make use of it. Most of the progress for humankind relies on automation being developed […]

2019: A Milestone Year

Today was an important day for System Soft. I’m very excited to have announced our accelerating momentum in business growth around helping small and medium businesses boost their technology innovation and grow their market share.  Since I started System Soft Technologies in 1999, we have seen continuous growth due to our tight focus on client success.  […]

A New Era for SSTech

When I started System Soft 20 years ago, my goal was to build a business around a new approach to meeting clients’ IT needs.  I wanted to find the ideal mix of expertise, experience, and collaboration to radically improve the value clients get out of IT services and products. Fast forward to today’s relaunch of […]