ERP Business Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Tips and Tricks

You can turn your business vision into reality with Microsoft Solutions. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) provides you with the tools to drive your business initiatives. And it gives you control over and visibility into your business.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Dynamics GP offers a thorough data analysis that will allow you and your organization’s business leaders to make proactive and informed decisions. They are the kind of decisions that positively affect your organization’s profitability and business growth.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can deliver comprehensive solutions and management functions for your organization’s finance through human resources departments.

Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Dead?

As the Summer of 2022 approaches, there are many rumors about Dynamics GP and its continued availability. “Is “Dynamics GP Dead?” is among the most searched phrases now on Google. Especially by those organizations that are still using the platform for their day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, organizations are reading misinformation. And they are now scrambling to look for a trusted partner and consultant to help them and support their ERP needs.

As System Soft Technologies adds ERP solutions and software to its technology and business solutions offerings, there arose the need to start supplying knowledge and awareness to the Dynamics GP community and ERP users currently looking for the perfect ERP solution.

System Soft has set out to accomplish this goal of education by producing a video series called Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks. System Soft Dynamics GP experts will answer questions and demystify untruthful statements about Dynamics GP and ERP solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Tricks and Tips Video Series

In episodes 1 and 2 of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks video series, Gilbert Escober, Director of Finance and Supply Chain at System Soft Technologies, provides an introduction and explains what Microsoft Dynamics GP is.

The Dynamics GP Tricks and Tips videos will be posted on System Soft’s YouTube channel and LinkedIn company profile on a bi-weekly basis. So, stay tuned and keep an eye out for each episode.

To get you started, you can watch the first two episodes here.

Episode 1: Intro to Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips and Tricks

Episode 2: What is Dynamics Great Plains?


Now’s the time to start exploring Microsoft Dynamics GP with System Soft Technologies. You can set up a strategy call with one of our top experts to learn how you may access all your ERP needs. Schedule now.