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How Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Overcome Automation Barriers

How Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Overcome Automation Barriers

10 easy steps to automate your business without breaking the bank. As the sophistication of RPA has increased in recent years, so too has adoption. . . .

Cutting Through the Hype of Hyperautomation

Cutting Through the Hype of Hyperautomation

5 ways to make RPA more intelligent, more automated, more capable of transforming any organization. Organizations are aggressively exploring technology-driven automation to . . .

RPA abstract image

RPA Zero to Hero: How to Rescue Your Bot Automation.

5 fast and smart ways to get real value from your RPA investment. The current economic landscape puts business leaders in a predicament: They must hit revenue goals . . .

Robot on blurred background creating artificial intelligence in a digital brain 3D rendering.

Industry Trends in Artificial Intelligence, Part 2

By: | Posted on: Jul 26, 2021

In part two, we continue the conversation, with a spotlight on explainable AI (XAI) and edge AI. . . .

Robot touching AI monitor.

Industry Trends in Artificial Intelligence, Part 1

By: | Posted on: Jul 20, 2021

We look at artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), ethics of artificial intelligence (ethical AI), explainable AI (XAI) and edge AI.] As artificial . . .

Digital art of a person holding tablet with clouds in background. RPA process automation

10 Business Processes Adapting Robotic Process Automation

By: | Posted on: Jul 14, 2021

Have you ever applied for a loan or credit card during the past two decades? Have you noticed how banks and agencies supply timelines ranging . . .

Young woman showing diagram of AI work productivity growth to her colleague.

Is Ai Right for Orgs versus Orgs Doing Ai Right?

By: | Posted on: Jun 2, 2021

Without argument, we are immersed in the new digital era. And this digital era is going through a revolution driven by a technology called AI. . . .

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Don’t Break the Bank: 10 Easy Steps to Overcome Automation Barriers for SMBs

By: | Posted on: Mar 4, 2021

In a recent survey conducted by IDC, 45% of CIOs and senior IT executives stated that one of their top three objectives is to “create competitive . . .