Black History Month Employee Spotlight: Clifford Riddick, Talent Acquisition Specialist

As a minority-owned business, we recognize the value of diversity as a catalyst for equality and expression. We embrace it, because when we hold hands in respect and acceptance, we can overcome barriers that limit our ability to capitalize on the unique fabric of our organization.

That is why we are proud to honor the rich heritage of Black History Month during February. As we celebrate many accomplishments, achievements, advancements and broken barriers, we want to especially acknowledge trailblazers within our local community and industry and appreciate the difference-makers at System Soft Technologies.

Join us as we celebrate Black History Month and the impact those have made across our industry.

Employee Spotlight

Our first employee spotlight is on Clifford Riddick, an Atlanta-based talent acquisition specialist, who has been a part of the System Soft family for the past two years. In his own words, learn about his role, his motivations, and how Black history has shaped his life.

Clifford Riddick employee spotlight

How has diversity impacted your career decisions?

I am currently part of the Talent Acquisition Team, helping staff many internal FTE roles within our Solutions and Staffing Consulting Organization at System Soft Technologies.

Diversity sourcing helps me when trying to identify a candidate who has the skills we are searching for, but may have some unique differences in lifestyle, which may exclude them at most companies.

But at System Soft, we welcome diversity. It allows us to recruit with limited blinders, as we talk to candidates regarding a career with us.

What’s a fun fact about you?

In high school, I loved playing organized sports. I played basketball and was pretty good at it.

My high school team won four straight championships during my tenure there, which I was a part of. Later in life, I went on to become a high school basketball referee and official for the State of Georgia.

What is one of your favorite quotes or sayings that has impacted you?

If you love what you do professionally, it does not seem like work.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Culture events and a month of pride-felt moments of many accomplishments, which many Blacks have participated in over my lifetime.