8 Signs of Positive Company Culture and Better Employee Experience

The employee experience and engagement is a direct outcome of a high-performance, positive company culture. Why? Because high-performance cultures clearly outline behaviors and norms, which are healthy and supportive. In this environment, employees clearly understand their culture and what’s expected of them. They feel connected, involved and supported. And, therefore, they feel engaged and living a […]

Cloud Governance: Your First and Last Step into the Cloud

No matter who I speak with about the cloud, the same pain points up repeatedly come up. Organizations are always needing to better manage cloud costs, improve their security posture and meet their compliance requirements. According to a report from data security company Lepide, the three most common causes of a data breach are: Insider threats due to misuse of privileged access Weak and stolen passwords Unpatched applications In other words, the most […]

Azure Arc: New Approach to Hybrid Cloud Environments

Manage the Chaos of Multiple Clouds and Diverse On-Premises Technology As more companies embrace the cloud, the use of hybrid architectures is becoming more predominant. These architectures allow organizations to keep benefitting from investments made in on-premises environments, while leveraging innovation introduced by the cloud. The adoption of hybrid solutions can be a winner. But […]

Don’t Break the Bank: 10 Easy Steps to Overcome Automation Barriers for SMBs

In a recent survey conducted by IDC, 45% of CIOs and senior IT executives stated that one of their top three objectives is to “create competitive advantage for the business.” Nowadays, IT leaders are asked to deliver more and more. More reliability. Faster responsiveness. Greater flexibility. They are expected to leverage digital transformation to create disruption. […]