The Key2Stocks platform can aid in the design of a personal tactical plan that includes identification of the “sweet spots” on buy/sell signals, as well as back-test any popular stock trade strategies.


Key2Stocks is an institutional-grade ‘trade analytics’ platform designed specifically for retail stock traders. Through analysis of performance, trading plans, and strategies, traders achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity, as well as save time and energy in the examination of all returns.

The Key2Stocks application analyzes the historical trends of a specific stock, and helps traders at any expertise level the opportunity to forecast performance based on that history to development the optimal trading strategy.


Key2Stocks also allows the user to correlate past strategies with the live marketplace, produces data and reports within minutes to test a strategy, and overcomes limitations of document-based forecasting through its powerful analytics engine. Key2Stocks incorporates advanced user-interface features, such as drag-and-drop capability, intelligent integration technology, context-based help, and much more.

More Features

Key2Stocks is a SaaS-based system designed to be robust, scalable, portable, and platform-independent. The modular approach allows its users to install either all or only some modules as per their business needs. Because the system is designed to industry standards, the modules can be easily integrated with any of the other enterprise solutions in the market.

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