Data Governance

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Our Information Management expertise over the years has led to a strong understanding of Data Quality Issues, the source of these issues, and the solutions that work in practice. Our Data discovery, including identifying the rightful Data owners and identification of all the various Data Stakeholders and data profiling capabilities help us to identify the hidden data quality problems and allow us to trace the issues across the enterprise to arrive at true sources. Our experience with Master Data Management and Meta Data Management, along with practical solutions to the data quality problems, allow us to ensure the data quality standards are continuously met.

Data Governance is a set of processes that ensures that important data assets are formally managed throughout the enterprise, and that Data Warehousing initiatives align with corporate business objectives, both present and future. SSTech’s staff members take direct responsibility for repairing and/or preventing issues with data so that the enterprise can become more efficient.


At SSTech, we look at Data Governance as a discipline with an evolving definition which embodies a convergence of data quality, data management, data policies, business process management, and risk management surrounding the handling of data in an organization. Through data governance, organizations are looking to exercise positive control over the processes and methods used by their data stewards and data custodians to handle data.


At SSTech, our project teams take all of these factors into consideration as they build a data governance solution for Business Information.
Users of data need many questions answered when it comes to the data; these answers are key to making decisions and managing the business.

Our Data Governance solutions have a set of specific goals and associated benefits. With our implementation, the client will be able to more easily experience improvement in the following areas:

  • Manage master data through analysis of data assets and their relationship to the enterprise
  • Manage security and privacy compliance requirements
  • Implement data cleansing, transformation and integration
  • Insure business rule compliance of the data itself
  • Identify the specifics of any and all data in terms of how, when and by whom is was received, created, accessed, modified or formatted
  • Define day-to-day procedures for the creation, use and retiring of data
  • Achieve a level data management tactics that accelerate business objectives

At SSTech, our project teams take all of these factors into consideration as they build a data governance solution for Business Information.


At System Soft Technolgies, we know that there is no one single ideal tool for Data Governance. Therefore, we always take a customized, tailored approach to Data Governance design itself, as it enables the solution all along the way, from the initial definition of the initiation, through to the execution of the solution.

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