Cloud Testing

Cloud-based testing is a cornerstone of our Cloud computing expertise.


We have taken advantage of the ever-growing arena of Cloud computing in many types of projects and systems, including testing. SSTech engineers augment their testing processes—both manual and automated—through Cloud-based processes, with an eye to such particular parameters as functionality, performance, compatability, and globalization.


While testing has traditionally been known to require dedicated infrastructure, SSTech engineers have aimed at achieving great operational flexibility and scalability by building a functional testing platform which meshes with all the protocols and technologies that make Cloud-based applications possible, including HTTP/S, MJS, MQ, JDBC, SMTP, .NET, and many more.

Our engineers approach Cloud-based testing as one of many testing platforms, and can be thought of as “testing as a service”. Benefits to the client include:

  • Validation and verification of the performance of the client’s Cloud-based applications and systems
  • Lower capital investment costs
  • Faster timeline
  • Improved data integrity, security, privacy, and availability


System Soft Technologies consultants apply a wide range of techniques when designing and executing the appropriate test cases and scenarios for Cloud-based applications and systems testing. We are especially watchful of data security during all testing projects—part of our attention to the critical business nature of all software testing.

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