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Working at SSTech

In our ever-changing high-tech business world, true success is built around the people. System Soft Technologies seeks out the best employees, helps train them in the latest technologies, and instills them with the highest values surrounding ethics, trust and relationships. This, coupled with the people-to-people, collaborative approach we take in all phases of working with our customers, is a key contributor to our company’s amazing growth since being founded in 1999.

System Soft Technologies is extremely proud of all of our employees, and we constantly strive to help and nurture them throughout all of their activities and responsibilities. During this process, we have every employee’s long-term career goals in mind. To accomplish this, we place emphasis on:

  • A fast-paced, healthy, family-oriented work environment for all
  • Exposure and advanced training in the latest new industries, domains and technologies
  • Focus on team projects aimed at achieving success in the tasks at hand, and with an eye to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of every member of the team
  • Maintaining a great life/work balance both professionally and personally
  • Giving all team members the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 and other high-level, cutting-edge clients on a variety of types of projects
  • Enhancing comradery and employee satisfaction through group social events like birthday celebrations, luncheons, anniversary announcements, etc.

In all of its hiring and employee relations activities, System Soft Technologies maintains compliance with federal and state government EEOC, E-Verify and Affirmative Action policies.

Benefits Overview

System Soft Technologies is constantly developing new programs to help make employment here a decidedly desirable opportunity. These include merit programs based on performance and other incentives.

Payroll and Direct Deposit
System Soft Technologies employees are paid monthly and all the payments are direct deposited into individual employee bank accounts, per their request. System Soft Technologies takes care of all payroll deductions required by State and Federal laws; the company matches Social Security contributions and all employees will be provided with Worker’s Compensation Insurance, where law permits.

Paid Time Off
System Soft Technologies provides full-time employees, who have successfully completed the probationary period, up to eight (8) days paid time off a year, which can be used for any reason, but typically are reserved for “emergency” purposes. Unused personal time off may not be carried over to the next calendar year. Employees will not be paid for accrued ‘unused’ paid time off days upon termination.

Other Benefits
Employees are eligible to enroll in medical, dental, and life insurance programs through SSTech's preferred health-care providers.

System Soft Technologies’ benefits are comprehensive and are paid on a salaried basis, accruing paid-time off (PTO) and holiday pay.

Employee Referral Policy
Any active employee can refer a candidate for an open position at the company. If that candidate is hired and remains on our payroll for a minimum of six months, from the date of hire, the referring employee will be awarded a referral bonus. Please review the Employee Referral Policy provided to all employees to learn about the criteria fulfillment requirements.

SSTech offers a 401k Savings Plan through Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.

Eligibility requirements:
• Over 21 years of age
• Have worked full time for more than one (1) year with SST (minimum 1,000 work hours)
Savings are accrued through employee contributions only (no company-sponsored matching contributions)

Current Job Openings

Account Executive

Recruiting Manager

IT Recruiter

HR Immigration Assistant

Solution Engineer

Sales Executive

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